Timeline of Vega Group Buy handling and order edit/cancellation handling

Order Edit Processing and Deadlines

Here is an early drafted timeline of order edit deadlines and processing order.
If you plan to submit an order edit request, please check the deadlines for their submission.
If you have already submitted one, please check when they will be handled.
This is subject to change at a later date.


0. Current state:
  • Order edits for full cancellation (of all purchased items) and delivery address changes are handled on an incoming basis.

1. Group buy closes by reaching deadline or quantity cap.
  • This is the deadline for submitting any order cancellations, whether partial or full, as per the refund and return policy.

2. At the same time, a final call keyboard edit deadline will be announced for any case color/PCB/plate change request, likely around 24 hours after GB closes.
3. The keyboard edit deadline passes.
  • This is the deadline for submitting a case color/PCB/plate change request.
  • Partial cancellations of orders, order mergers, and case color/PCB/plate changes will be handled after this deadline.
  • We will also start going through the double base kit shipping difference refunds at this stage.

4. All orders are finalized, and keyboards go into production.
5. Some time later, keyboard production completes.
6. Keyboards undergo packaging and QCing.
7. A final call deadline will be announced for delivery address changes.
8. The address edit deadline passes.
  • This is the deadline for submitting a delivery address edit request.

9. Shipping labels are issued.
10. The keyboards are shipped.