Vega Group Buy Details

For users not on Discord or GeekHack, this is a copy of the info provided to each.

"Shipping not available" issues:
This was caused by having more than one base kit in the order, which results in combined weight going beyond what we calculated shipping for.
We will refund the shipping cost difference for individually placed orders for multiple base kits; see below for more details.

For combined orders of base kit + extra parts:
The shipping cost is calculated properly, whether or not it was done in one purchase. The shipping cost bound to the extra parts is the difference the base kit's shipping cost would go up by when the extra part gets added on to the main package.

Regarding GB period:
If it does not sell out by Dec 12 12:01PM EST, GB will close and head into manufacturing phase.

Order edit form
For plate/PCB chances, color changes, address changes, etc. Please note that color/plate/PCB cannot be edited once actual production begins.

Shipping cost refund form for those who purchased multiple base kits across separate orders
Again, this does not apply if you only purchased a single base kit with multiple extra parts, since that calculates combined shipping properly.

Currently a vague "mid-2021". Will update once order quantities are finalized and discussed with factories.

Extra parts in the future
Currently infeasible due to ridiculous international shipping costs, but would like to at a later time.